Rick Penrose is a photographer who's sensitive perception of the world allows him to capture a unique and authentic vision capable of evoking deep emotion in the viewer.


Rick says: "I've always been fascinated in the art of photography. Capturing images frozen in time, of people, places and events. Viewing the world at different angles. Recording day to day working life, or the beauty of nature. Photography has taught me to open my eyes and to enjoy the world around me. It doesn't need to be beautiful, it can be hand hold hand or fist and fight, in glorious colour or black white, it needs to be life. The camera can bring a tear or bring a smile, it can be strong or it can tell a story. I hope you find some of the above in my photography, and of course enjoyment."


We hope you enjoy the portfolios on this site. Please contact Rick for more information about his photography.

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